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March Against Death Alley

This march is a beginning of a movement to bring environmental justice, to free the land and liberate the people!

We will march from Reserve to Baton Rouge, following the river at every turn. Buses and cars will be available. Meals/snacks, water, and lodging will be provided.

If you plan to join us for any or all of the march days, please RSVP here so that we know how many people to accommodate.

Bring comfortable shoes and a refillable waterbottle.

We will host press conferences each morning and mass meetings each evening.

Each evening we will designate and light candles to honor and remember the victims of Death Alley, as well as to visually depict the numbers of our loved ones whose lives were taken, and who march with us in spirit.

Please bring small pictures of your loved ones who have died from diseases caused by proximity to industrial pollution, as we will be designating and labelling candles with names, cause of death, proximity to industrial plants, prayers, and pictures.

Each day as more people join the march, the candle lighting ceremony will grow as more candles are added. The final candle-lighting ceremony will be held outside the capitol.

More details TBA soon.